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Lets us tell you a little why we're the best around!

Some good reasons

+ 100 Customers

With years of experience in customer service, its our drivers are first class and promise to make you feel right at home!

+8 Premium tours

We've selected the most beautiful and interesting place to take you during you stay in Cape Breton.

Clean & Safe

Our drivers take pride in both the appearance of our vehicle as well as themselves!

All Expenses Included

We include all the "other" fees the competition doesn't tell you about. Whether it's a toll or an admission fee its covered in the tour package price!

"Don't Wait, Book a Tour Now"

Take of advantage of the best vehicle tour guide available on Cape Breton Island! Make sure your next vacation leaves you with all the memories you'll treasure of one of the world's most beautiful places!

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What customers says

Karen M - London, England

"Many thanks for the terrific tour of “The Mini Cabot Trail”! The scenery was out of this world! Your automobile was very clean and I felt safe the entire time! Many thanks!"

Casey T - Manchester, England

"I’ve read about these tours with varying degrees of success. I would certainly look forward to hearing George fill me in on all the details! - Casey."

Thomas O – Florida, USA

"Thanks George! That was a blast and I learned so much more then I ever though! Love Cape Breton and can’t wait to return I’ll be calling!"

Janice S – Texas, USA

My husband and I wanted a nice peaceful easy drive through the hills and mountains. That’s exactly what we got. Was a dream! Thanks so much. –J.

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